A Private Company in the Third Generation

The market presence of over 60 years with its ever new challenges has shaped us and made us who we are today. Learn more about our rich history and the milestones of our technological achievements.


Hans Naroska founds Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik.


Rainer Naroska enters his father’s company and becomes second director


Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik celebrates its 25th anniversary

International operations and exports increase rapidly during the 1970s. The company Naroska establishes itself as a renown supplier of complete production lines for the Metal Packaging Industry. The production program comprises a vast range of eccentric presses with strip and coil processing systems, curling, beading and lining machines, transfer and portal presses, as well as various types of bodymakers for 3-pcs-cans and battery jackets. With more than 50 employees in mechanical engineering and administration and with over 100 additional experts in its large machining plant Naroska achieves a maximum vertical range of manufacture, not only for the machine components, but also for the required tooling technology.

With the introduction of the resistance welding technology the demand for Naroska bodymakers declines dramatically. Engineering and manufacturing capacities are now being focused on equipment and complete lines for two-piece can making, cap and end making.


Hans Naroska dies. His wife Hilde Naroska takes over the ownership of the company.


Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik establishes the company CANTOP in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, as majority shareholder. Equipped with Naroska machinery the company focuses on production of lug caps and cans. Thanks to the acquired production know-how from the own manufacturing plant, Naroska becomes a specialist in the field of lug cap production.


Rainer Naroska establishes the company Rainer Naroska Engineering GmbH. With most modern CAD technology he starts to develop new machines together with Mr. Jochen Lachnitt, former chief designer of Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik, whose father Hubert Lachnitt already worked for the Naroska company (see picture above). The new machine designs are supplied by Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik under license. Rainer Naroska Engineering develops and manufactures new tool technology at its own facilities.


Rainer Naroska leaves Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik and founds the company Rainer Naroska Verpackungsmaschinen, in order to start his own sale and manufacturing of machines, tools and complete production lines.


Two former employees of Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik found the limited company Naroska Maschinenfabrik GmbH. In the same year all CANTOP shares of Naroska are sold and the realised proceeds are reinvested in Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik.


Naroska Maschinenfabrik GmbH becomes insolvent and is liquidated.

Rainer Naroska inherits the Hans Naroska Maschinenfabrik from his mother, who passed away in this year, and cancels the registration.

Rainer Naroska Verpackungsmaschinen as the sales company together with Rainer Naroska Engineering GmbH takes over all the old customers for further service and spare part supply of all Naroska machines.

Rainer Naroska´s son Marcus graduates at the University of Technology Aachen and enters his father’s company, jointly responsible in the sales and engineering department.


Completion of a new plant of 2000 m² in Lemgo, Germany, for machine assembly and production line set up including additional administration building.


Rainer Naroska´s daughter Janine graduates in economic sciences and enters her father’s company, jointly responsible in the accounting and sales department.


Rainer Naroska’s children Janine and Marcus, as well as his wife Nadezda become additional shareholders of Rainer Naroska Engineering GmbH beside Jochen Lachnitt.


Rainer Naroska dies.


Janine and Marcus Naroska and Jochen Lachnitt take over the management of the company.